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Android Pay brings simple and secure payments to store and in-app payments with minimal coding effort.

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Easy integration

Android Pay and traditional card payments can be added with one simple integration.

Higher conversions

Android Pay enables simple and secure checkout in Android apps by eliminating manual card data entry. The result? Higher conversions and lower abandonment rate.

Faster payments

With Android Pay customers can simply pay quicker, with more dynamic in store purchasing.

Highest security

With Android Pay, no actual card data is sent with the payment. Instead a virtual account number is used, also known as a token. This ensures card details stay safe at all times.

What’s included in our Android Pay integration:

Processor / Acquirer Country OS

First Data Nashville


Android 4.4 or above

Global Payments

US, Canada

Android 4.4 or above



Android 4.4 or above

Our Android Pay SDK

Android Pay enables simple and secure purchases in Android apps. It eliminates the need to manually enter payment and shipping information. We provide an easy and flexible integration for Android Pay to give your customers a simple and secure way to pay.

Our Android Pay SDK is a simple drop in to your Android application that allows you to integrate payments quickly whilst maintaining all the benefits of our omni-channel payment gateway. For more information visit our Knowledge Garden.

Download Our SDK

Download our SDK

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