We are an omni-channel payment gateway

We unify payments from multiple platforms. With our omni-channel payment gateway, card payments can be taken seamlessly in-store, self-service, online or mobile.





All brought together with our reporting and management tool, WebMIS, which makes all payments transactions visible in one central place.


Value added features


Point to point encryption ensures cardholder data is not exposed at any time during a payment transaction as it is encrypted inside the card reader, making it useless and void of any value if a skimming attack is attempted.


With tokenisation, cardholder data can be re-used from previous transactions without having to store or secure it. The token can be used for subsequent transactions without the cardholder data being re-entered.


Remote key injection enables you to automatically, quickly and securely complete payment terminal key injection at the point of sale, a more cost effective and faster alternative to the traditional manual process.


Our terminal management system remotely manages your estate of PIN pads including any necessary firmware updates required for security or continued EMV compliance.

We exceed security standards

Security is at the heart of what we do. As an EMVCo Business and Technical Associate and PCI SSC Participating Organisation, security is embedded in everything we do, you can rest assured your business is in safe hands.

By investing heavily in our infrastructure and security platforms, we enable our partners to offload the burden of payment security so they can focus on what they do best, and running a payment infrastructure is not part of it.


We exceed reliability expectations

We have four geographically diverse data centres, two in North America and another two in Europe. This allows continuous service and unrivalled survivability in the event of a localised or international event.

Our infrastructure is carefully designed to avoid single points of failure. All of our service providers are also diverse both in location and paths. We only use service providers that maintain at least two physical fibre entry points into our data centres, and equally, diverse and multiple paths into their own core networks.

More acquirer and PIN pad combinations than anywhere else

We work with the biggest processors and acquirers in the United States, Canada, UK and Europe to provide you with the largest number of EMV certified PIN pad combinations from leading payment terminal manufacturers.

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